Ronald McDonald House of Long Island

Chromotherapy working its magic in Pavarini's RMH Room
Custom millwork and integrated A/V system provides visual entertainment
Healing crystals on Cliff Young's desk circulate good energy
Paul Thomas's painting solidifies the Chromatherapy concept
AKDO's splendid custom mural by Pavarini creates and Oasis in the bathroom
Sat. October 04, 2014
Ronald McDonald House of Long Island
New Hyde Park, NY,
All of us at Pavarini Design worked diligently through the summer on the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island. We provided a home away from home for a family living on the grounds of the Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York. The theme of our room is Healing through Color and Light. Integrated with an advanced LED lighting system and controlled by an innovative Vantage Control System, the room presents color-changing scenic modes from sources hidden in the walls, windows, and furnishings. Equally therapeutic, the chromatherapy bathroom featuring an air-bagné chroma spa tub and custom scenic mosaic work with the custom interior design to provide solace and escape to ease the mind and spirit. We worked with an inspiring team of vendors to custom print textiles, hand assemble mosaics and procure extensive products and services to create a dynamic room for a family in need.