Project Management

  • We schedule and attend weekly site meetings to review and to discuss progress, to record developments, to sort-out details, and to provide direction and information to the construction team
  • We photograph job progress for the Pavarini Team to review and refer-to as needed off-site
  • We meet with all contractors and subcontractors to review the work presented in the drawings and specifications and to provide further details and information as required
  • We are in regular contact with contractors and all subcontractors on and off-site to provide information, to answer questions, and to issue and review drawings to continue productivity on the jobsite
  • We address all issues that develop on the jobsite quickly and efficiently to ensure optimum productivity and to continue the momentum of the project
  • We constantly are in-review of construction progress vis a vis drawings and specifications (Designer Package) to ensure that all construction details and materials used are in accordance with the Designer Package